Sports betting

ADMIRAL Sportwetten GmbH – Austria's number one in betting – was founded in 1991. Thanks to a history spanning decades, it is both the centre of excellence when it comes to sports betting and a major national employer. 

In keeping with its corporate philosophy 'Building trust through bookmaking competence, guaranteed payouts and reliability', ADMIRAL offers itself as a reliable provider of sports betting services to tens of thousands of customers. 

Its team of bookmakers makes a significant contribution to the success of the company. More than 20 bookmakers analyse the sports press, monitor the entire range, and offer ADMIRAL's unique odds on countless different kinds of sport. Our risk management team makes sure the success of the company is guaranteed.

ADMIRAL offers pre-match and in-play betting opportunities at international events involving more than 30 different kinds of sport.

The continuing trend toward in-play betting, where customers can bet on ongoing events in real time, means the schedule of live broadcasts is expanding all the time and with it the number of bets offered.

ADMIRAL's range of sports betting services is available in more than 200 branches, on our betting terminals, as well as through online and mobile channels.