Do you sometimes feel an overwhelming urge to participate in gaming or place a bet even though you originally no intention of doing so or did not want to?

Have you made an unsuccessful attempt to stop participating in gaming or betting?

Have you frequently missed appointments because of participating in gaming or betting?

Do you participate in gaming or bet mainly when you are bored, under stress, feeling sad?

Do you have money problems because of the amount you spend on gaming or betting?

Do you have family problems because of your frequent participation in gaming or betting?

When you think about participating in gaming or betting, do you experience physical symptoms like heart palpitations, sweaty palms or a 'tingling sensation'?

Do you suffer because of your gaming or betting behaviour?

Do you think that you can 'crack' the gaming system or 'predict' betting results?

Do your thoughts often revolve around number combinations, prizes, loss compensation or betting opportunities, betting and sports results?

Do you try to conceal your passion for gaming or betting?