Tips for responsible gaming

Der Aufenthalt in unseren Automatensalons und die Spielteilnahme soll Ihnen Unterhaltung und Spaß bieten. Damit Spielen Unterhaltung bleibt, haben wir hier ein paar Tipps für Sie zusammengestellt. 


A visit to our electronic casinos, as well as gaming itself, should be fun and entertaining for them. In order to keep gaming entertaining, we have put together some advice for you.


Set yourself a clear betting limit before starting that is within what is financially possible for you.

Only play with cash amounts that have been budgeted for leisure activities.

Take care to ensure that the amount of your gaming is in balance with other leisure activities.

Gaming is a form of entertainment and is not intended to lead to situations of personal stress or crisis.

Take regular breaks. 

Before gaming, find out about how the game works and your chances of winning.

Family and work have priority. Do not neglect your social or professional obligations as a result of gaming. 

Winning and losing are integral parts of gaming. Accept losses and do not try to make up for these by placing new bets. Take your winnings home.