Responsible Betting

To ensure betting and gaming remain an entertaining pastime, a responsible approach is extremely important to ADMIRAL. The Responsible Betting and Gaming Code constitutes the key element.


Responsible betting

First and foremost, it should be stressed that betting is a thrilling and entertaining pastime. In extremely few cases, there is a possibility that customers will lose track of the amount they are betting, however. With that in mind, we make every effort to ensure that our services and your betting practices are as safe as possible. 

"Betting only becomes a problem when it starts to have an adverse effect on the life of the customer concerned. Aside from the excessive amount of time consumed, there is also a possibility that finances will be stretched. This means that the implications of problem-betting behaviour are never limited to just the customer concerned, but rather family members or friends are also affected under certain circumstances.

Should you notice that a member of your immediate family or a close friend is exhibiting problem-betting behaviour, do not hesitate to consult the specially trained staff in our branches directly – they will be pleased to make a referral to appropriate support and counselling organisations."

ADMIRAL attaches great importance to providing comprehensive and objective information on the terms of betting and on the actual range of betting services, but also with regard to the possible signs of problem-betting. Booklets translated into several languages not only provide information about the potential risk, but also the contact details of support and treatment organisations.

ADMIRAL has also co-operated with prestigious academic institutions for years in the area of prevention. What is more, ADMIRAL is the world's first betting operator to educate its staff in the early recognition of customers who may be at risk of gambling addiction. This also involves the support of addiction treatment organisations so as to incorporate valuable practical experience into the training.

ADMIRAL aims to use this set of measures to prevent problem-betting.


Below are a few words of advice on how to avoid problem-betting:

·         never use our services to cope with unpleasant feelings like anger, sadness, boredom or stress;

·         set the amount you would like to spend on betting beforehand. Ensure you never bet with money that had been earmarked for something else (rent or repairs, for example);

·         do not neglect your professional or social obligations;

·         set the winnings at which you will stop betting beforehand, and

·         take breaks.

If you find it difficult to adhere to the above rules or if you or a relative find it difficult to keep betting under control, then please contact our staff, who will provide you with the contact details of support and counselling organisations.

Please visit the following webpage for additional support:


Additional information

Please turn to the following organisations if you need help:

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+44 (0) 800 5400 133
+44 (0) 8700 50 88 80


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