Crack the Safe

We are ready for the next round! Crack the safe and win game credits in the amount of € 150,00!


For the period of the promotion (7 days), there will be a safe in the branch filled with game credits in the amount of 150,00 €. Every guest, who is already checked in, gets the chance to open the safe. The guest has to type in a four digit execute arbitrary code. Every guest can attend this promotion once a day.

If the Safe is still not cracked until Wednesday the first number of the code will be pronounced. (AXXX), until Friday the second number (ABXX) and until Sunday the third number (ABCX).

Important: The prize is only available if the question (s) is correctly answered and will be handed over directly afterwards. For more detailed information please ask our local employees.

You will find the current dates and branches participating under the category Events.

Promotion only valid in the participating branch. The conditions of participation on display in the participating branch shall apply. Gaming credit in the form of promotion tickets. May not be redeemed for cash. No legal recourse is possible. Valid until further notice. No liability for printing and typesetting errors. Minimum age 18.