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State of the market

Admiral Sportwetten GmbH – the undefeated number one in branch-based betting in Austria – was founded in 1991. Thanks to a history spanning decades, it is both the centre of excellence for to sports betting and a major national employer. More than 1.200 people are employed at the company's head office in Gumpoldskirchen as well as in  more than 200 betting cafés throughout Austria.

In line with the corporate philosophy 'Building trust via bookmaking competence, guaranteed payouts and reliability', Admiral Sportwetten GmbH offers itself to tens of thousands of customers and numerous partners every day as a reliable provider of sports betting and other services both 'offline and online'.

ADMIRAL Sportwetten will continue to press ahead with its successful distribution channels and supplement them by additional betting terminals and mobile betting solutions in the future, too. Building on its top position in the in-branch sports betting market, ADMIRAL Sportwetten is expanding its leading market position in Austria and assuming an active role in the ongoing process of consolidating the industry.

Admiral's branch concept

With more than 200 outlets, Admiral leads the way in the Austrian betting market in terms of branch-based business. Here, the betting specialist has an unprecedented approach when it comes to quality: the brand stands for an innovative range of betting products, the latest technology and an inviting coffee house atmosphere.

Each day, customers of Admiral can follow a multitude of live sporting events, exchange views with like-minded sports enthusiasts over a coffee and place their bets on an appealing range of betting products in every betting café.

The odds makers

A major contribution to the success of the company is made by its experienced team of bookmakers. Nearly 20 bookies analyse the sports press, monitor the entire offering and provide unique Admiral odds on numerous different kinds of sport.

The company's success is guaranteed by a separate risk management team. With the continuing trend towards live betting, where customers can bet on running events in real time, the work of the bookmaker has changed dramatically. Accordingly, the programme of live broadcasts is expanding continuously and with it the number of bets offered.

Online betting on www.admiral.at

Building on the branch-based betting, in which with a market share of more than 50% Admiral is Austria's undisputed number one, the company successfully positioned the brand on the Internet in 2001. Admiral has developed a strong online customer base, too, which comprises more than 100,000 registered users.

Admiral betting terminals

Those who do not wish to place their bet in a betting café or on the Internet can do so via one of the Admiral terminals. These innovative sports betting terminals provide live sports and the latest sports results across a wide variety of locations.

Admiral services

ADMIRAL not only offers end-to-end solutions for its customers, however. It is also possible to use the software platform in a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or specific software components in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This involves the services running on a high-availability private cloud infrastructure, which guarantees maximum redundancy and security.

The use of PaaS or SaaS packages gives customers access to the extensive portfolio of sports betting solutions made available by a highly professional development team on the basis of state-of-the-art technology and using the latest development methods. At the same time, work on improving and broadening the portfolio to guarantee quick and profitable market entry or operation for our customers takes place continuously.

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